A Summer Vacation

Summer may be halfway over but the heat sure is not. Find fashionable clothes at Goodwill for those days at the park, the pool, the beach or simply a casual day out.

With one trip to the Goodwill Mansfield Store, all of these items were available for the whole family.

Theme Park

For a long day outdoors, a tank top, shorts, and sandals are a great go-to.

The yellow and white lace tank top by Belle Du Jour (from Macy’s) is priced at $5.99.

On eBay, the same top currently sells for $18.63.

To pair with the top, these shorts from 1822 Denim (sold at Nordstrom) are priced at $4.79.

On Poshmark, these shorts sell for $35.00.

To complete this look, these St. John’s Bay sandals (sold at JCPenney) are $7.99 and sell for $22 on Poshmark.

At Goodwill, the total for this outfit came to $18.77!

Summer Brunch

Another women’s find for that picnic or brunch date is this golden top by J. Jill for $4.49. On their website, the shirt currently sells for $44.00.

To pair with the top, these pink patterned shorts by GAP are priced at $4.79 (currently selling for $18.00 on Poshmark).

In total, these two items came to $9.28 at Goodwill!

Pool Days

For the next trip by the water, there are plenty of swim options for toddlers, youth and teens. At Goodwill, swimwear has never been more affordable!

Each of the following swimwear pieces are less than $5.

The long sleeve undercover swim top by Matilda Jane is priced at $2.19. On Mercari, the same top sells for $38.00.

Another option for girls is the yellow floral swimsuit by Art Class (sold at Target) priced at $2.19. On Poshmark, the same suit sells for $25.00.

For the boys, the green and gray Old Navy trunks are $2.19 and sell for $10.00 on Poshmark.

The toddler giraffe shorts are $1.99 and the children’s water shoes are $2.99.

In total, these five pieces came to $11.55, less than 1/3 of the price of the long sleeve top alone.

Boat Day

The men’s section at Goodwill has rows of men’s t-shirts, filled with name-brand options too.

With tees starting at $1.79 each, you’ll be sure to find some great deals.

For instance, the white shark tee from Greg Norman is $1.79. On the Greg Norman website, this shirt currently sells for $24.50.

To pair with the top, these swim shorts by Trunks Surf & Swim Co. (sold at Nordstrom), are priced for $4.49.

On Poshmark, the trunks sell for $15.00.

Prepared for the day out at sea, the shorts and top come to $6.28!

That is a quarter of the price of the t-shirt alone.

Casual Summer Day

Great for a relaxing day outdoors, the soft gray tee by Michael Brandon is $1.79. On Poshmark, the tee sells for $10.

Paired with some Summer colors, the bright yellow shorts by American Living are $5.99. On Poshmark, these sell for $25.00.

In total, this outfit came to $7.78 at Goodwill!

Sun’s Out

For any other outfit option, get some shade with a variety of caps in store. With hats starting at $1.79 each, these three are only a total of $5.37.

Meanwhile, the A&M cap sells online for $5 on superhilv. On Amazon, the TCU cap is $19.99 and the Dallas Stars cap is $24.99 at Rally House.


To find these deals near you, check out a list of all the Goodwill Stores around North Central Texas.

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