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    Charlie Rutherford

    For more than 25 years Charles “Charlie” Rutherford has brought joy to Goodwill North Central Texas. Charlie, son of U.S. Congressman and Texas State Representative and Senator J.T. Rutherford, was born with Intellectual Developmental Disability

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    Beth Reneau

        When people ask Beth about her story she often states that there’s no clear-cut ending, but she knows where it began. After years of addiction and homelessness, Beth made the decision to leave

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    Sean Shea

    Sean Shea enjoys the simple things. He likes good food, music and spending time with friends and family. But much like his favorite music artists, Sean’s personality is larger than life. Sean was diagnosed with


    Guadalupe Torres

      Guadalupe Torres is very much like any other 21-year-old young lady. She loves dancing, singing, watching TV and spending her summers swimming. She is interested in all things beauty and has aspirations of being


    Randie Vines

    Plenty of people have had to fight their way to independence when they have a disability that prevents them from gaining meaningful employment. But, it takes a special kind of person to have to move


    Jennifer Moore

    Jennifer Moore is no stranger to adversity and knows the true definition of “hitting rock bottom.” She spent close to 20 years homeless, unemployed and addicted to drugs, which led to time in and out


    Brandon Reed

    Brandon Reed lived a relatively uneventful life in west Fort Worth growing up. He had a great home life, hard-working parents and grandparents who supported him, and was the middle sibling to an older sister

  • Thank You Yolanda

    Yolanda Chavers

    Yolanda Chavers, Goodwill North Central Texas’s 2018 Team Member of the Year, is thankful for Goodwill because of the changes it makes in people’s lives, but her team says that she’s the one making changes

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    Nancy Ramos-Sanchez

    When Nancy Ramos-Sanchez was 16, she and her family went to Mexico on a summer vacation. She spent most of that summer with a boy she met there and decided that she would run away

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    Jeremy Johnson

    When Jeremy Johnson first came to Goodwill, he started out in facility-based contracts and then transitioned to the S.T.A.R.S. program when it was launched in March 2016. S.T.A.R.S. is a unique day-habilitation program for adults with

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    Meri Tannehill

    Ask Meri Tannehill what makes her happy and she’ll tell you, “Being a STAR!” and she means that in more ways than one! After Meri’s family moved to North Texas, they soon found that options

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    Helen Lopez

    Helen Lopez has always had a passion for helping others and it has shown in everything she does over the past 27 years. Helen began her career with Goodwill North Central Texas in 1990 as

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    Roger Barto

    Roger Barto was Goodwill North Central Texas’s 2015 Team Member of the Year and was honored as such at Goodwill North Central Texas’s 2016 Annual Operation Team Work Celebration! It’s an honor well deserved.  Roger

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    Joe Dee Barrett

    Joe Dee Barrett just celebrated his 32nd year anniversary at Goodwill North Central Texas.  He’s worked as a material handler on the dock in areas such as sorting, salvage, bailing and many more. Joe Dee loves

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    Amber Tamplin

    Amber Tamplin, the Training Store Manager of Goodwill North Central Texas, has only had one job. It’s a job that’s turned into a career. Amber joined Goodwill as a 17 year old high school senior,

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    Cathy Busby

    Cathy Busby, a manager of centralized processing at Goodwill, was recently named Employee of the Year for her hard work and endless dedication to Goodwill. Before Goodwill, Cathy worked for 21 years as a waitress,

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    Shannon Moore

    Shannon Moore is proving that a disability won’t stop her from reaching her goals. She’s maximizing her potential with the help of Goodwill and the Power of Work. At 18 months old, Shannon, now 23, was

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    Sharon Huber

    Learn how Goodwill North Central Texas impacted Sharon’s life, in her own words.          

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    Jerry Gregory

    Watch Jerry Gregory, a 52-year employee of Goodwill North Central Texas, tell his own story about how Goodwill impacted his life. *Jerry Gregory retired from Goodwill North Central Texas on March 2, 2014 after 54

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    Rubi Najera

    Rubi was born with only half of her left arm. Because Rubi was born missing part of her limb, she learned to perform most daily living activities as a child, but the only work she

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    Paul Esparza

    Before his stroke, Paul Esparza was a successful business owner, husband, and father of two. His wife described him as being constantly on the move and often stressed. Then five years ago, Paul suffered a

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    Gina Casteal

    Gina Casteal is a single mother of four with a GED and a criminal record. Because of these three barriers to employment, when the bank foreclosed on her house, Gina and her children became homeless.

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    Amanda Reneau

    Amanda Reneau, Goodwill 2014 Team Member of the Year, is the type of person other people look forward to seeing at work. She doesn’t work for a paycheck, but because she cares about the people