Amber Tamplin

Amber Tamplin, the Training Store Manager of Goodwill North Central Texas, has only had one job. It’s a job that’s turned into a career.

Amber joined Goodwill as a 17 year old high school senior, working as a part time cashier after classes. Initially dismayed after not receiving her high school diploma due to low scores on the TAKs test, Amber kept working and moving up at Goodwill while studying to receive her GED.

For close to ten years, Amber has climbed her way through the ranks promoting from part time cashier, to full time cashier, to lead merchandiser, to lead cashier, to assistant manager, to store manager, and now she works as the store manager of Goodwill North Central Texas’s training store in which the majority of all Retail Team Members are trained in.

Through Goodwill North Central Texas Educational Assistance Program, Amber went on to receive her Associates Degree in Business from the University of Phoenix and is a shining example of the success of that internal program.

“I started working at Goodwill in order to earn gas money for my new car in high school. It’s turned into a longtime career that I’m deeply grateful for,” says Amber.

Seeing Goodwill as not only a short term job but a long term career, Amber is excited to be in a position to help others. She loves managing the training store and is eager to assist others to reach the milestones she has.