Anson Cartwright Success Story

Anson Cartwright graduated high school in 2014. He worked for a short time at Subway following graduation, but due to his disability and the requirement of standing for extended periods of time, he was unable to continue working. With Anson facing unemployment, anxiety and depression, his mother was hopeful when she learned about Goodwill’s Personal Social Adjustment Training (PSAT) and the Work Adjustment Training (WAT) program. She hoped the work readiness skills he’d learn in these programs would help him find competitive employment.

Anson began his PSAT training in June 2019, followed by the WAT program in February 2020. In the beginning of his training, he often held his head down and struggled to converse with staff. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit soon after and Anson was not able to complete his WAT training right away. But, luckily in late 2020, Anson was able to return and finish the job training hours required to complete the program.

Throughout the training his work experience trainer met with him every morning at the timeclock and discussed his assignments for the day and any concerns he may have with his responsibilities. As Anson became more comfortable and familiar with his work assignment you can see him becoming more independent, talkative, interacting with his co-workers, and being self-reliant.

His mother noticed the changes in him, he seemed happier; but the weekends were the hardest because he just wanted to be at work. She’s so excited to see his growth and feels he now has a purpose in life.

Anson engages with his peers daily, they support him, showing him proper workplace behaviors and techniques. His outstanding work ethic and willingness to help in any areas of central processing led to him being offered part-time employment.

His manager, Amber was able to witness his dedication and hard work, and he joined the team officially in April 2021. “Anson continues to meet his daily goals, going above and beyond his required duties.” Amber said, “We are so proud of his accomplishments and so happy to have him as part of our team.”