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Beth Reneau



When people ask Beth about her story she often states that there’s no clear-cut ending, but she knows where it began. After years of addiction and homelessness, Beth made the decision to leave her three children in her brother’s care. She could not be the mother that she knew they needed her to be.

In 1999, Beth was sentenced to 5 years in prison for possession of a controlled substance. She was released on probation in July 2000. Despite being out of prison, she continued to face hurdles that came with the reentry process- inability to secure a government ID, as  well as access to housing and employment. When her mother suggested a trip to Goodwill to find interview clothes, Beth had no idea that her thrifting trip would be just the opportunity she needed.

Outside the store where she’d found her interview clothes, she ran into a woman she met in prison who recommended she go to Goodwill to get help finding a job like she did. By October of that same year, she was employed, reunited with her children and on the path to her current position as Director of Donated Goods for Goodwill North Central Texas. For 20 years she has refused to let fear stop her from taking the next step forward- a piece of advice that she has passed to others to prove that she is not the exception. Beth believes that anyone who comes through Goodwill’s doors can be where she is today.