There’s a S.T.A.R in Everyone!

  Each day, each minute, each second, the world is changing. Latest trends, new technology, the way business is conducted, new leadership skills among many others. Being along those lines, diversity still remains the same;


What is Project Goodwill?

This is the time where aspiring fashion designers, moguls, and bloggers get their drive. The rush of getting models onto the runway, taking the perfect selfie to show off your #OOTD on your Social Media

You Give ‘Good’ Love

Not only Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your sweetheart, but it is also day to show appreciation to those you love! Here at Goodwill we would like to shine a light on a few

4 Ways to Be Aware on National Red Day

Every first Friday of February marks the National Wear Red Day gaining awareness for Women’s heart health across the country. According to the National Heart Association, heart disease and stroke causes 1-3 deaths among women

Fashionable Fall Looks

Fall is officially back! And that means cooler weather is right around the corner. If you’re still looking for some fashionable fall looks, look no further. With 22 area locations, Goodwill has everything you need