Cathy Busby

Cathy Busby, a manager of centralized processing at Goodwill, was recently named Employee of the Year for her hard work and endless dedication to Goodwill.

Before Goodwill, Cathy worked for 21 years as a waitress, but after multiple arrests, she ended up in prison for a two-year sentence. While there, Cathy found God and decided she wanted to change the direction her life was going. As part of her parole process, Cathy started working at Goodwill as a dockworker. She found that Goodwill did not look at your past, but instead focused on where you were going and gave you a chance to prove you could change.

Cathy is now a homeowner, car owner, and a tax-paying citizen, and she believes that God and Goodwill have helped her get where she is today.

To Cathy, Goodwill is a company that reaches far into the community and benefits all of Fort Worth, making it a stronger community that also provides the confidence and power for individuals to look to the future. She is humbled to have been voted Employee of the Year by her peers.

“For once in my life, I’m actually proud of the person who is looking back at me. I like that person now. I never had that before,” says Cathy.

Seeing Goodwill as God’s will for her life, Cathy is dedicated to advancing Goodwill in any way possible. She is trying to expand her department further, and continues to help all those in her department gain independence and success.