Cynthia Maloy: A Goodwill Works Success Story

Cynthia Maloy’s downward spiral in life began in the late 1980s, falling prey to the circumstances surrounding her and finding herself being arrested and incarcerated numerous times for various offenses. Tired of living in the streets, in early 2021 Cynthia decided it was time to finally get the help she needed to break the cycle she consistently found herself in.

Cynthia started her journey to addiction recovery by visiting a MHMR clinic to assist with her mental health needs. After progressing in her journey, Cynthia was able to transition into a program with the Salvation Army that provided her with a more stable housing environment. It was at the Salvation Army that Cynthia learned of the services offered through Goodwill North Central Texas to assist individuals who are facing homelessness and in need of job placement assistance.

Visiting a Goodwill North Central Texas Job Resource Center, Cynthia met with an intake specialist who explained how the Goodwill Works program could assist her on her road to recovery and financial stability. After enrolling, she was introduced to a Job Placement Specialist who worked fervently in finding employment for Cynthia. After putting in many hours of job readiness training and utilizing Goodwill’s partnership with Indeed to apply with various companies online, Cynthia was offered a full-time position at Family Dollar in June 2021.

Today, Cynthia is still employed with Family Dollar and is highly praised by her employer. While Cynthia’s road to recovery has not been easy, she is committed to continuing her path of sobriety and stability. Cynthia is thankful for the Goodwill staff who took the time to personalize the assistance she needed to land her current job. “God has provided me with another opportunity in life,” Cynthia said. “To anyone who may have walked in my shoes, know that you have a choice.” She is eternally grateful to have the opportunity to turn her life around through the Power of Work.