Dear ol’ Dad – upcycled gift ideas for Father’s Day

Before you run to the nearest store and grab dad another pair of socks, consider crafting something by hand to make your old man feel special this Father’s Day. Goodwill North Central Texas has creative ideas to give something used a new purpose that dad is sure to love.

It’s likely your dad requires reading glasses to see the newspaper or the computer screen. It’s also just as likely he can’t find his eyeglasses when he needs them. A necktie eyeglasses case is a functional and stylish way for dad to carry his glasses with him while keeping them protected. If your dad is 20/20, he can use it as a phone case.

blog-father's day glasses

Although Father’s Day falls in the middle of summer, winter will roll back around. A firewood tote is perfect for carrying wood into the house or camping. Find a fabric with a design you love, like a blanket, a flannel shirt or even denim to create the tote. This is a great gift for dads who regularly use their fireplaces or enjoy heading out into the woods for the weekend.

blog-father's day wood

Redoing a picture frame and adding your favorite picture of you and dad is a sure way to make him feel loved. At Goodwill North Central Texas you can find an array of tools and picture frames. Glue nuts, bolts and small tools to an existing picture frame. Insert a picture from a special event or vacation you shared.

blog-father's day-frame



If your dad is a tool guy, here are a few genius ideas from The Budget Decorator and The Family Handyman that will help organize dad’s garage, shop or shed.

blog-father's dayblog-father's day tools

Your dad probably recalls when vinyl records where all the rage. If he wants to hold on to another era, grab a vinyl record from Goodwill North Central Texas, take it home and place it over a bowl and put it in the oven to create a vinyl record bowl. It makes the perfect catchall for coins, keys and wallets. If your dad still owns his record player, give him the LP intact to bring back some of his favorite memories.

blog-father's day bowl

Dads deserve to be celebrated on Father’s Day, and every other day. As much as dads do for their children, from childhood to adulthood, a pair of socks or a tie simply doesn’t cut it. A unique handcrafted gift will mean much more and really show him how much you appreciate him.