Fall Decor at Goodwill

Is your home feeling bland this season? Decorate for Fall and Thanksgiving at Goodwill! You can find a little bit of everything from centerpieces, candles, dishware, tablecloths, outdoor decorations, and more! Here are a few great deals on seasonal decor, all found in Arlington, at the Goodwill Cooper Store!

Bottle Rack

For that upcoming Thanksgiving dinner party, this rack can hold up to 15 bottles of wine and is priced at $8.99. It is a good size to place in an empty floor area or on a rectangular table. On Bonanza, a similar triangular rack that holds 6 bottles with grapes, leaves is $24.99.


Perfect for the table or a top-shelf, these metal candle holders are $5.49 each at Goodwill! On Pier 1’s website, the metal pumpkin tealight candle holder sells for $30.00. As for the 3 tealight metal tree holder, on eBay, the item is currently listed for $14.99.

Home Decor

Further home decor pieces include this wooden carved pumpkin basket with metal holders and leaves priced at $5.99.

Cute for a table or to place outside on the porch! On Poshmark, this same pumpkin is currently selling for $15.00.

In Goodwill’s new goods area, a box of a variety of harvest decorations is priced at $1.19 each. These include white, orange, and glittery gold pumpkins, beaded corn, and orange gourds.

All of these are nice to place in wicker baskets or even a cornucopia. All 7 assortments come to $8.33 compared to Homeford’s 8-piece assortments for $17.95.


Can’t forget the Thanksgiving dinner bakeware! There were two, vintage Anchor Hocking casserole dishes in the amber brown glass. At a steal, the small one is $1.99 and the larger bowl to the right is $2.99. On eBay, each dish is selling for $15.00. Another good find is the Pyrex pie plate to the far left, which is amber glass as well, priced for $2.99. On Mercari, this same pie plate is selling for $25.00.


For that evening tea or coffee after dinner, these mugs and their fall colors stand out. The mugs are .89 cents each excluding the four blue cups which are $2.99 as a bundle. Online, a set of three of the blue Stoneware Japan mugs is selling for $24.55 on eBay. The two orange Royal Norkfold mugs are currently selling at $19.99 for a set of four on eBay. Lastly, the orange pumpkin Starbucks mug is selling for $39.99, also on eBay.

There is still a month left to decorate your fall home or for that upcoming family gathering. See what items and deals you can find at any Goodwill North Central Texas location!