Goodwill to Honor Truck Driver and Son

WHO:  Romane Mays, South Hills High School 2017 graduate and TCU Community Scholar; Gina Casteal, Goodwill Truck Driver and mom to Romane; Nick Stanley, outreach director for Congresswoman Kay Granger; Goodwill North Central Texas staff.

WHAT:  Goodwill North Central Texas will host a trunk party for Romane Mays, a 2017 graduate of South Hills High School and 2017-2018 TCU Community Scholar. Mays is the son of Goodwill North Central Texas truck driver, Gina Casteal, who was homeless and living in her car with her four children prior enrolling in Goodwill North Central Texas’s North Texas Institute for Career Development’s CDL training program in 2014.

After completing her training, Gina was hired by Goodwill, got an apartment helping to stabilize home life for her family. After several years of hard work Gina’s son, Romane, has received a full-ride to TCU through the Community Scholars Program, which recruits top candidates from urban, high minority public high schools.

In celebration of this great achievement, Gina’s Goodwill family will host a trunk party to help get Romane ready for college and applaud one more step in lifting this deserving family out of poverty. To learn more about Gina and Romane’s journey, please visit:

Nick Stanley from Congresswoman Kay Granger’s office will be in attendance to present Romane with a letter of congratulations from the Congresswoman.

WHEN:  Friday, August 4, 2017; 2 p.m. – Trunk Party and Letter of Recognition Ceremony

WHERE:  Goodwill North Central Texas – Board Room; 4005 Campus Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76119; (817) 332-7866

WHY:  Goodwill is more than a thrift store. The largest employer of people with disabilities in the world, Goodwill believes that work has the power to transform lives by building self-confidence, independence, creativity, trust and friendships. Everyone deserves this chance.

Goodwill North Central Texas’s 23 retail locations provide revenue through the sale of donated goods to support Goodwill’s mission – job training and career services for people with disabilities, such as physical or mental disabilities and other barriers to employment including lack of education or work experience and homelessness. For more information on Goodwill North Central Texas, please visit