Halloween DIY Duos

It is never too early to get those costumes and decorations ready for Halloween. Here are two sibling DIY costumes created from clothing and other items found at the Goodwill Altamesa Store.


 Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf

 Make a wolf:

  • Long sleeve black shirt
  • Black pants
  • Fur
  • Tail
  • Ears
  • Face paint

With Goodwill having countless clothing options, it was pretty quick to find a long-sleeve black shirt and black pants, priced at $1.99 each. Year-round, there are also countless new good items and with seasonal/holiday items around this month, it is easier to find accessories to complete any costume!

The face paint package used to make a nose and some whiskers were priced at $3.59 and the wolf ears headband was priced at $1.29.

The fur material (from Hobby Lobby) was $3.49 and used to complete this costume. The material was cut up and placed around the top for fur and to create a tail. The wolf was then ready for a bucket of treats for just $12.35!

Create Little Red Riding Hood:

  • Black shirt
  • Red hood
  • Leggings

The black shirt from Goodwill was priced at $1.99 and the red hooded sweater, also found at Goodwill, was priced at $2.49. With the pair of leggings available at home in the closet, Little Red’s outfit came to only $4.48, ready to take charge of her basket.

At Goodwill, and a few crafts, these two outfits came to $16.83!

 Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Another fun and timeless duo are Mickey & Minnie Mouse.


  • White t-shirt
  • Black jacket
  • Red pants
  • Gloves
  • Ears
  • Bowtie

For Mickey, the red pants were priced at $1.99 and the black jacket was $2.49 at Goodwill. The white t-shirt, along with some mickey ears (from a trip to Disney) were items available at home. The white gloves were another new good item from Goodwill and priced at $1.19.

To complete the look and add those few details, some crafts were needed. One piece of the white sticky-backed felt for Mickey’s buttons for the pants was $1.29. Three pieces of the yellow felt for the bow tie and shoe coverings cost .39 cents each, making this Mickey outfit $8.13!


  • Pink dress
  • White-collar
  • Bow
  • Ears
  • Buttons

Minnie’s pink dress was just $2.49 at Goodwill, and the pink bow was a new good priced at $1.29.

To complete this look, a little crafting was necessary. One piece of white sticky-backed felt ($1.29 at Hobby Lobby) was used to place polka dots on the dress and to make a collar. This ensured that the dress would be wearable after Halloween!  A black sheet of foam (.99 cents) was cut into two circles and glued to the pink headband for Minnie’s ears. All crafts, clothes and accessories came to $6.06, making the total for these two outfits just $14.19!

All four outfits, completed with some items from home, crafts, and great finds at Goodwill, came to a grand total of $31.02! That is how much one new costume normally goes for at any retail store – and the clothing items can even be repurposed as fall outfits for the kids.

Stop by and look for your next creative costume this month at any of our locations and share your DIY ideas on any of our social channels for a chance to be featured! @goodwillfortworth