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Joe Dee Barrett

Joe Dee Barrett just celebrated his 32nd year anniversary at Goodwill North Central Texas.  He’s worked as a material handler on the dock in areas such as sorting, salvage, bailing and many more.

Joe Dee loves to come work and has never let his disability keep him from doing just that. Joe Dee came to Goodwill on October 24, 1983 after being referred by MHMR.  He had graduated from Azle high school and participated in their janitorial training program.  He’d also worked for a short time for piece rate at a Benbrook facility, but Joe Dee his family were looking for something more.

They found it at Goodwill North Central Texas. Through the many years and many changes, the one thing in Goodwill’s history that has remained constant has been Joe Dee.  He was commended as Achiever of the Month, noted for his dependability, and has a personnel file full of notations about his great attendance and great attitude.  An avid sports fan, Joe Dee loves to talk about his top picks for the big games and razz his fellow team members about their picks, with a loud and boisterous voice exclaiming “You’re out of the game!”.

Joe Dee and his family are both thankful to Goodwill for allowing him to have a positive work environment, a safe place to go every day, and to achieve his maximum independence. Joe Dee embodies the mission of Goodwill.

“This is Joe Dee’s world. And I don’t know what would have happened to him if he didn’t have Goodwill to go to,” says Gwenda, Joe Dee’s sister and care giver.