Welcome to GoodCast, a podcast produced by Goodwill North Central Texas, where we take a closer look at the story behind the store and highlight successes that have been made possible thanks to the generous donations of everyday people. Watch on YouTube, or listen on Spotify, iTunes or other podcast platforms.

GoodCast Episode 16: What’s a Job Resource Center?

This Labor Day, learn how Goodwill’s Job Resource Center can help you find your dream job and check out our most recent episode of GoodCast!

GoodCast Episode 15: Goodwill Staffing Services

You’ve heard of Kelly and Manpower, but did you know Goodwill has had a temporary employment service for more than 25 years? Learn more in this episode of GoodCast!

GoodCast Episode 14: Shopping With a Purpose

For this episode of GoodCast we met with local thrift queen thedivaofcurvestx to discuss shopping with a purpose! Check it out, and let us know how you support your community with Goodwill.

GoodCast Episode 13: Hit the Road with NTI!

For this episode of GoodCast! We’re hitting the road with NTI! Learn more about Goodwill’s CDL program and it changes lives through the Power of Work!

GoodCast Episode 12: Education & Employment

For this episode of #GoodCast, we’re celebrating our E-Squared program and its graduates! Learn how Tarrant County Youth can earn their GED & a paycheck at the same time!

GoodCast Episode 11: Let’s Get Digital!

This month, get digital with GoodCast and Goodwill’s virtual programs and services!

GoodCast Episode 10: Community Engagement & Storytelling

Happy #InternationalWomensDay! For this episode of GoodCast we talked with Shay Dial Johnson, our VP of Community Engagement, about her leadership role at Goodwill and in the community.

GoodCast Episode 9: Youth & Transitional Programs

For this episode of #GoodCast, we’re taking a look at Goodwill North Central Texas’s Youth Programs that focus on guiding the next generation and removing barriers to employment!

GoodCast Episode 8: The S.T.A.R.S. Program

We’re kicking off the new year with an overview of our S.T.A.R.S. program, which serves adults with disabilities.

GoodCast Episode 7: Goodwill Works

Monday, December 21st is National Homeless Person’s Remembrance Day. In recognition of this observance, we spoke to our Goodwill Works team for our most recent GoodCast episode to learn more about serving individuals experiencing homelessness.

GoodCast Episode 6: Giving Thanks for Goodwill

For Thanksgiving, we’ve got a special episode of GoodCast! We heard from team members across our organization and learned why they’re thankful for Goodwill.

GoodCast Episode 5: Tales from the Goodwill

We’re wishing you a Happy Halloween with our most recent episode of GoodCast! Hear the tale of Toki, the accidentally donated snake.

GoodCast Episode 4: Leadership & Representation

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month we sat down with Rosemary Cruz, our VP of Donated Goods/Retail, to talk about leadership, community and inclusive workspaces!

GoodCast Episode 3: Sustainable Fashion & Creativity
Learn all about sustainable fashion and the secret to being fly with special guest, Toni Estes!

GoodCast Episode 2: Second Chances
For Goodwill Week we celebrated one of our newest programs, ReLaunch. Learn how Goodwill offers people coming out of incarceration a second chance in this podcast episode!

GoodCast Episode 1: What is a Non-Profit?
For the first episode of GoodCast we sat down with Goodwill North Central Texas CEO, David Cox, to discuss how a non-profit works and about the good work of Goodwill.