Roger Barto

Roger Barto was Goodwill North Central Texas’s 2015 Team Member of the Year and was honored as such at Goodwill North Central Texas’s 2016 Annual Operation Team Work Celebration! It’s an honor well deserved.  Roger joined the Goodwill family in 1992.  Known for getting the job down and doing it right the first time, Roger was a welcome and familiar face on the Goodwill Campus loading dock.

Roger earned a reputation of a hard worker by never letting the dust settle under his feet. Whether he was assigned a task or not, he stayed busy.  As a Material Handler Roger was responsible for loading and unloading trucks but did so much more!

Roger could be found sweeping, mopping, and dusting in between loads. He had a keen eye for safety and did not hesitate to write a note to supervisors or even the CEO to suggest new ideas or safety measures.  One of his favorite tasks was keeping track of the product that was transported to Goodwill’s local stores daily.  In his handy notebook, Roger kept all the figures, weights and counts of the more than 50 trucks that were serviced on the dock daily.

“The best part of my job is to just work and stay focused,” said Roger.

Roger was an inspiration to all that came into contact with him and a huge help to his team.

*Roger Barto passed away at the age of 45 on January 31, 2019 after 27 years of service to Goodwill North Central Texas. He continues to be an inspiration to his Goodwill family.