Goodwill’s ReLaunch Program provides assistance for those re-entering the workforce after incarceration. 

Goodwill North Central Texas is committed to providing workforce development, job placement, educational training, and other supportive services to individuals with criminal records who are seeking positive re-entry into our communities. We work to form collaborative partnerships with other community organizations and businesses in an effort to form relationships.  This allows our clients to be employed and give us the ability to spread awareness of the struggles of reentry and gain support for positive offender reentry.

Did you know?

Although there are many barriers that limit the successful reintegration of individuals with criminal records within their communities such as mental illness, substance abuse, lack of education and being banned from receiving certain community resources, one of the biggest barriers to a successful reentry for them is employment?


ReLaunch was created to bring awareness that:

  • People should be hired based on their job skills and abilities and NOT their past mistakes.
  • Individuals with criminal records CAN be great employees and CAN be a company’s greatest asset.
  • SECOND CHANCES are needed in order to have a safer and more functioning society.

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