Shannon Moore

Shannon Moore is proving that a disability won’t stop her from reaching her goals. She’s maximizing her potential with the help of Goodwill and the Power of Work.

At 18 months old, Shannon, now 23, was in a car accident that left her with severe burns. Due to her burns, most of the digits on both her hands were amputated and the intense medicine that prevented infection caused her to lose hearing in both ears. Shannon communicates with American Sign Language, miming, and mobile devices; but it is Shannon’s positive attitude and work ethic that have inspired a great future for her at Goodwill.

With assistance from Brenda Carey, a DARS employment specialist, Shannon was paired with Karamee English, Goodwill’s Interpreter and employment specialist. Shannon began a volunteer position at the Goodwill Store in Granbury performing various tasks as a way to evaluate her skills.

Through hard work and determination, Shannon increased her volunteer hours to eight hours per week. Three weeks later, she was offered a part-time position at Goodwill. She now works 20 hours a week for competitive pay.

Success continues for Shannon, and both Goodwill North Central Texas and the staff at the Granbury store are proud and excited to see what she will do next.