After careful consideration, advisement from our state and local officials, and with increased safety protocols and CDC guidance, we are happy to announce that our Outlet Store and Outside Sales are currently open with the following restrictions in place.

Outlet Store

  • The Outlet will operate Monday through Sunday from 8am to 6pm until further notice.
  • We will have a strict 50% occupancy rule in place.  If we have met the approved maximum occupancy, customers will not be permitted to enter.
  • Physical distancing of six (6) feet will be enforced.

Outside Sales

  • Outdoor sales will operate Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 8am -8:30am* (Days/Times subject to change without notice)
  • Twelve (12) customers will be permitted on a first come first serve basis at 8am.
  • There will be a five (5) hour limit in which customers must sort their merchandise and vacate the property.
  • There will be a one (1) household member at a time limit
  • Physical distancing of six (6) feet will be enforced.

Thank you for your support of Goodwill and the people we serve during this most difficult time.  We will get through this together!


Welcome to the Goodwill Outlet!

If you want a truly unique shopping experience, you must visit our Outlet Store (2452 Mansfield Highway, Fort Worth, TX)!  If you are looking for treasures, at this location you can really walk away with a lot of fantastic items at unbelievable prices.


First things first, you need to know how the merchandise is displayed in the store. It is not on shelves. The merchandise is rolled out onto the floor on large blue table bins. These bins are replaced with new table bins of goods about every 30 minutes. So be ready for the rush each time the new bins are brought into the retail area!


Items are sold by the pound, so fill up your shopping cart because you’ll definitely get more bang for your buck here!  Here’s how it works:

Other things to note about the Goodwill Outlet

  • Hours of Operation are Monday thru Sunday 7am till 7pm
  • Merchandise is $1.59 per pound
  • Any single item 7lbs or more is a flat price of $5
  • Bulk sales (merchandise sold by the bin or gaylord) take place Monday thru Friday beginning at 8am.  Bulk sales are first come first serve and are done auction style.

Happy Shopping!