Six Ways to Honor our Veterans on July 4th

Do you have big plans this 4th of July? Independence Day is one of Goodwill’s favorite holidays. Celebrating our freedom never gets old, and we’re fortunate to know so many veterans who’ve sacrificed to fight for that freedom. As we finalize plans to celebrate with friends and family at BBQs, pool parties, and fireworks displays, we also encourage you to celebrate by honoring those who’ve spent their lives serving our country. Here are six ways you can honor our military this holiday weekend.

Thank you notes

Pick up a set of pre-designed “Thank You” cards, preferably with a patriotic theme. Write out what you’re thankful for and add an encouraging note to lift up our service men and women. When you’re out this weekend or watching your local parade, give the note to men or women in uniform or those wearing clothing signifying past military service. It’s a little gesture that will go a long way.

Visit the memorial of a loved one

We’ve all had grandparents or relatives who’ve served in the armed forces. Some may have given their life on the battlefield and others may have passed on afterward. Honor their life and service with a flag and flowers at their gravesite or a public memorial.

Hire a veteran

If you own a business, why not hire service men and women to fill open positions? Goodwill’s Vet Worthy program and Operation: Good Jobs can put you in touch with ex-military personnel trying to reestablish life as a civilian.

Remember veteran families

Whether their loved ones are still serving or not, our military families sacrifice much. Give them a word of encouragement, thank them for the sacrifices they have made, and listen to them talk about their loved ones. Letting them know you care can help them lift a heavy burden.

Be courteous to combat veterans

Many of our returning vets suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Although they may have once enjoyed fireworks and other pyrotechnics, those sites and sounds are now stress-inducing. is providing these yard signs to veterans that ask for your courtesy with fireworks this 4th of July. Let’s make sure we honor this request.

Visit a retired vet

There are many men and women who served their country decades ago. Let’s not forget these service men and women who could use a little company. Visit your local nursing home, senior center, elderly neighbor, or family member. Take the time to sit and listen to their wisdom and valuable life experiences.

Goodwill wants to remind you that we will be giving military veterans and their spouses and dependents 25% off this 4th of July with military ID. Also, if you or someone you know is a veteran, veteran’s spouse, or their adult dependent looking for work, contact our Operation: Good Jobs program at 817-332-7866.

Happy 4th of July from The Goodwill Guy Fort Worth. Let’s celebrate freedom!