Summer Earn & Learn 2021

Did you know Goodwill has training programs for youth with disabilities? This year we’re excited to bring back Summer Earn & Learn alongside Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County and Workforce Solutions – Vocational Rehabilitation Services!

In our Summer Earn & Learn program, participants receive workplace readiness training to prepare for successful employment and paid work experience to help build skills and identify future career goals. This year we’ve partnered with organizations like CVS, Movie Tavern, the City of Fort Worth and the City of Watauga to change lives through the Power of Work!


This Movie Tavern participated in Summer Earn & Learn in 2019 and 2021! The program was so successful, that a number of 2019 participants and even a student who participated earlier this summer have been hired on as staff after their work experience was completed.


When Cassidy’s father discovered Summer Earn & Learn he was excited to find a program that suited his daughter’s needs. Cassidy underwent a kidney transplant in 2019 and uses sign language to communicate with her job trainer and store management. She approaches her work with enthusiasm and determination.


On July 6th the Mayor of Watauga, Arthur Miner, celebrated “Goodwill Appreciation Day,” and presented this year’s interns with a certificate of appreciation for their work at the Watauga Community Center and City Hall.


The City of Fort Worth participated in Summer Earn & Learn in 2019 and offers a wide variety of workplace opportunities. This year students gained work experience at Will Rogers Memorial Center Public Events, the Municipal Court, the City Manager’s Office, Developmental Services, the Fort Worth Convention Center, Outdoor Public Events, and the Thomas Place Community Center.

Thank you to all of our employer partners for helping make this summer’s program possible!