Summer Looks

Replace and restock your wardrobe this Summer with great deals and items at Goodwill! I took a look at the Goodwill Camp Bowie Store to find some outfits, perfect for those Summer days to beat the heat in style.

A Day on the Square

The first outfit goes perfect for your next trip out on a hunt for deals.

The flowy sheer top from Bisou Bisou is priced at $4.49 and reselling on Poshmark for $25.00.

For a pop of color, the Vineyard Vines whale shorts are also priced at $4.49 and currently reselling for $39.99 on eBay.

To further accessorize, these scalloped sandals by Shade and Shore are $7.99 and currently reselling for $20.00 on Poshmark.

To complete the outfit, the hot pink crossbody from Zara is $5.00 and currently selling for $27 on Mercari.

At Goodwill, these four items came to just $21.97!

Off to a Game

Men can find great deals too, sometimes even better! So many deals to wear, you’ll have enough for the next few games.

The T-Shirt by Robert Barakett, known as “The softest Tee,” is priced at only $1.79! It is originally priced at $59.50 on their website. I didn’t forget, the color tag of the week was yellow making all clothing and linens with that color tag half off. This tee, already an amazing deal, came down to only .90 cents at Goodwill. It’s the best find yet!

Another valuable piece found in the racks of this store are these TravisMathew Beck golf shorts that are only $5.99. Online at, these are currently selling for $84.95!

The deals keep getting better for this outfit. The dark green Nike shoes are $7.99, but since these are a limited free run edition, they resell for over $100 on eBay.

Buying this outfit online would come to $250 but at Goodwill, it comes to only $14.88!

Brunch on the Patio

This last Summer look goes well for those brunch dates outdoors.

This black lace top by Loft is $4.49 and sells for $18.00 online.

To match, the patterned stripe shorts from Sadie & Sage are $4.79 and resells for $12.00 on Poshmark.

The tan block heels by Penny Loves Kenny are $7.99 reselling for $30.00 on Poshmark.

The brown and beige bag by Bueno is $5.00 reselling on Poshmark for $10.00.

This outfit, shoes, purse, and all came to $22.27 at Goodwill.


Stop by any of our store locations and see what deals you can find! You can also get further Summer outfit inspiration on our Pinterest page.