Texas Recycles Day Celebrates 27 Years

Texas Recycles Day (TRD), which takes place every year on November 15, aims to raise public awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of recycling.

The State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR), the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and Keep Texas Beautiful are helping to motivate Texans to make recycling part of their everyday lives.  The overall impact of recycling MSW on the Texas economy exceeded $4.8 billion and supports nearly 23,000 jobs. Recycling conserves natural resources, saves energy, and reduces the amount of landfill space used each year.

Goodwill North Central Texas strives to be good stewards of all that we are given to ensure the best future for our clients, our community, our organization, and of course, our planet. We are proud to be a leader in sustainability and one of the largest recyclers in North Texas.

Of the millions of pounds donated to us last year, we’re proud to have diverted 88% of those items from reaching the landfill. We were able to sell 32,223,872 pounds in our retail stores, GW Boutique, Outlet store and even online! And, another 12,738,060 pounds were diverted from the landfill through our recycling efforts and partnerships with organizations such as Service Waste, as well as local colleges and universities to execute large-scale recycling projects. With all of these efforts, along with future plans, we are on track to reach our goal of becoming a Zero Waste facility.

Local Texas Recycles Day events are taking place statewide on or around November 15th.  Events range from educational campaigns to collection events for hard to recycle materials. Any individual, civic group, youth organization, or company can participate.

Texas Recycles Day was founded in 1994. Today, the annual event helps Texans to make recycling part of their everyday lives. For more information on the TRD program, visit www.texasrecyclesday.org.

About Keep Texas Beautiful

Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making Texas the best place to live, work, and play by deploying resources for community improvement projects, clean-ups, and youth engagement efforts across the state. Through our Keep Texas Recycling program, we provide assistance and education to support recycling in rural and underserved communities.

Everything we do is focused on mobilizing volunteers to take action by providing them with tools, resources, and training. Our fieldwork includes research on best practices for litter reduction along with the development of community programs to prevent the flow of litter to the Gulf.

Founded in 1967, Keep Texas Beautiful’s work is driven by its network of nearly 300 affiliate member communities, volunteers, and supporters that reach 17 million Texans annually. For more information and to find your closest affiliate, visit www.ktb.org. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.